Bigg Boss 13 Episodes Live Voot, Contestants, Winner Voting polls

Bigg Boss 13 Episodes Live Voot, Contestants, Winner Voting polls

Bigg Boss 13 the most popular Reality TV show of all the times. Friends if you want to participate in the Bigg Boss 13 then you have to register yourself online. If you don’t know how to register in the Bigg Boss 13 then don’t panic we will provide you every single details about the Bigg Boss 13 Registration. The registration process is very simple and with our help you will be able to register yourself In no time. Bigg Boss is the biggest reality show in India and hence everyone wants to participate in the show by entering into the house. Thousands of People apply for the auditions of the Bigg Boss every year. Show Is the biggest hit and after inclusion of Commoners it becomes even more popular than before

Bigg Boss 13

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The Bigg Boss 13 Registration details is been provided in this article down below. Bigg Boss 13 Registration has completed its 12 season just recently in January and everyone watched the show. People are already waiting for next season to start In Bigg Boss 11 Shilpa Shinde comes as victorious after getting maximum number of votes from country. Show gained huge amount of TRP this year and one could easily expect that: Bigg Boss 13 is not gomg to be different in terms of TRPs. Bigg Boss is Indian Version of Bigg Brother originally created by Netherlands and developed by John de Mol. The latest news about Bigg Boss 13 is that: show will start from October 2019. Those people who want to participate in show they have to register themselves in show before the auditions of show. The Bigg Boss 13 Registration process will start from May June 2019. The exact date will be updated here very soon so stay tuned with us. Bigg Boss 13 theme is already been launched and it is 13″.

Bigg Boss 13 episode

Bigg Boss 13 Plot of the show is very simple some contestants have to live in the Bigg Boss House. It is not that simple as it sounds. Contestants will be selected from the celebrities’ quota and other from the commoner’s quota. The commoners have to go through the Bigg Boss 13 Registration & Audition In order to enter Into the house. After entering into house: main goal of the contestants is to stay till the end to win this show To win the show contestants have to entertain the people watching this show and have to perform various tasks. Every week few contestants will be nominated by the fellow housemates. The nominated contestant with minimum number of audience votes will be evicted from the house on weekend. Contestant who will get the maximum number of votes will wm this show.

Bigg Boss 13 Updates

Show Name: Bigg Boss

Show Genre: TV Reality Television

Season Number: 13

Season Name: Bigg Biss 13

Registration Starting Date: 13 May 2019

Last Date of Registration: June 2019

Voot Website & Voot App Over the years people have watched lot of drama in Bigg Boss House. People have watched contestants like Bindu Dara Singh, Khali, Dolly Bindra, Imam Wasim, Aizaz Khan. Aandy, Swami 0m: Priyanka Jagga_ Gautam Gulati: Kaushal, Manveeer: Hina Khan. Shilpa Shmde & many more. You have loved some of them and hated others. But the truth is everyone wants to enter Into Bigg Bogg House. So those people who want to enter into the Bigg Boss 13, we are here to help such people. The show will be hosted by Salman Khan. To enter into Bigg Boss 13 people have to first register them self and then have to go through the audition process. The Details about the Bigg Boss 13 Registration is down below. Bigg Boss 13 Registration In this year Bigg Boss has decided to equal the balance of celebrity and commoners. The celebrity can be anyone he/she may be a sportsperson, You Tube star, Bollywood actor actress, Model, Music Director, and Politician: Comedian, Saint etc. The commoners can be of any region and profession. They only have to present them self as entertaining, but first they have to register themselves for the show. After registration people have to send the audition video and then shortlisted people have to go through the ground auditions of the show. Bigg Boss 13 prerequisite that one has to follow to get entry into this show. After getting cleared in the ground you have to pass through various stages.

Bigg Boss 13 Registration

INTRODUCTION: – firstly you have give your introduction in creative & innovative format Because you know first impression is last impression. So be clear in this stage. NEDICAL CHECKUP: – After Introduction, you have to pass through a medical health checkup. In this stage you will be checked for medically fitness. DOCUMENT:- In this stage you all v.’lll be checked documentary. It is strictly mandatory that your document should be valid and no fraudulent should be there, if found then it will be leads to rejection. CONTRACT:- After passing all the above mentioned stages, you will be asked for contract signing. After signing ofthis contract you will be valid enough for the show.

Bigg Boss 13 Registration Process

Interested people must be eager to know about the registration process of Bigg Boss 13. The registration can be done in two ways. The two ways are as follows: 1 _ Registration By Voot Website 2. Registration By Voot App These are the modes through which people can register themselves in show. The details are down below. Registration through Voot Website for Bigg Boss 13 Those people who want to register in the show through Voot Website they have to follow certain steps. The steps needed to be followed are as follows:

Bigg Boss 13 audition

Bigg Boss 13 Registration Form To register by Voot Website

  • People first have to visit the Official Website of Voot that is
  • After entering into the website people have to first sign up in it.
  • Then the next step is to click In the option of “Bigg Boss 13 Audition” option.
  • After that people will get a Bigg Boss 13 Registration Form in front of them.
  • Fill the BBII registration form with all the details like name: address: email id. city: state, pin code: date of birth, gender, height: weight etc.
  • After that people have to write the reason that “Why Do You Want To Be On The Show”
  • Then enter your Twitter handle and Facebook Profile in It.
  • The next step is very important: in this step people have to upload their Introduction Video.
  • The video must be entertaining and must be about your introduction.
  • The size of the video must not be more than 500 MB and duration must not be more than 3 minutes.
  • The details of “How To Prepare Audition Video” is been given in another article whose link is present in this article.
  • So people can check that out to know more about it.
  • After uploading the video click on “I Agree” box, after reading all terms and condition carefully.
  • Then at last click on the “Submit Your Details” option.

Bigg Boss 13 regisration via voot app

To register through Voot App people need to follow below mentioned steps. First people have to visit the play store tn their mobile phones. There enter “Voot ” keyword the search box Åfier that install tkg TkZ7i open Voot App and click on “Sign Up” option Create you ID app and then click on the “Bigg Boss 13 Audition ” option. Once people have donz that the other steps are similar which are mentioned above.

Bigg Boss 13 voot

After completing the registration process people have to wait for the call from the officials. Very few selected people will get the call for the audition. If people get the audition call from the officials they have to visit the mentioned place. There people have to go through certain stages mentioned below.

  • First people have to visit the Mumbai Studio of Bigg Boss.
  • Then they have to Introduce themselves m entertaining and creative way.
  • People need to make sure to bring the documents With them because in this stage authorities will verify the documents.
  • The Bigg Boss medical team will check the contestant physical and mental condition.
  • Then In the last stage contestant have to Sign the contract after reading and agreemg to its all terms and condition.

Bigg Boss 13 Registration & Eligibility Criteria

  • People must have some question about the eligibility criteria of participation in Bigg Boss 13. In this paragraph we will tell you what are the eligibility criteria of the show.
  • Only people with Indian Nationality are eligible to participate in Bigg Boss 13.
  • The age of the applicant must not be less than 18 years. The maximum age restriction is not described by the officials.
  • People need to bring the documents like Identity Proof (Aadhar CardoPAN Card’ Drivmg LicenseVoter Id): Bigg Boss 13 Registration Proof, Instagram & Twitter handler: Passport etc.
Bigg Boss 13 live

Major Changes in BB13 Audition Details

Bigg Boss team has decided that they will not pay any fees for the commoners. The reason behind this is large number of audition application forms. This is wise step by Bigg Boss officials. Commoners will not get any type of Participation fee this year but if they win they will get the winner amount for sure. On the other hand Celebrities will get the fees for the show thus they need to worry about that. But commoners also have to keep this thing in mind that they will get the fame and the experience from the Bigg Boss 13. If they win they will also get the winner prize. Thus this is not a bad deal for commoners at all.

Also this year Bigg Boss has appointed doctors to check every contestant thoroughly. The last thing Bigg Boss want is some physically or mentally sick contestant in the house. After inclusion of this the chances of 111 contestant will reduce In house.

Bigg boss 13 General Quetions FAQ

Bigg boss

Who will be the host of Bigg Boss 13?

Salman Khan

What is the minimum age requirement for Bigg Boss 13?

Candidates must be age of 18 years.

Any payable fee for registration Bigg Boss 13 Registration?

No: there is no fee for registration for Bigg Boss 13.

Can Non indian Citizen participate in Bigg Boss 13?

No: participation is only open for Indian citizen.

When will be the auditions start for Bigg Boss 13?

Auditions will starts in the end of April month or starting month of May

When will be the show starts?

The show will starts in the end of the September/starting of October.

Can commoners take participate in this show?

Yes, Bigg Boss 13 participation is open for commoners.

Is there any other way apart from online?

You can also send your details on DVD on an address po Box No. 11943 Azad Nagar post Office, Mumbai – 400053.

Bigg Boss 13 Registration & Auditions Video Requirements The participants who will make their video then this video should be an introduction of the participants like where are you from? Your past experience and your personality. From where you have heard about this Show? The participant should make the video only in solo, who want to take part in this show. 2. The maximum duration of the show should be 3 minutes. . Any video that will be more than 3 minutes leads to rejection of the video. 4. The size of the video should not more than 50 NIB.

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